Modern Monetary Theory Cuts Deficits That Matter

The Deficit Myth

The federal government creates U.S. dollars, and is the only entity that can do so. When the government spends money, it creates the money to spend. … The money then goes into the bank account of the payee. The government doesn’t have to tax or borrow to get money. It just has to spend, and it can never run out.

Students Keep Aim True against Gun Violence

After the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting massacre, students organized against gun violence. And their aim is true and clear. They are now on a summer barnstorming tour of the country to speak for sensible gun control and to register young people to vote.

One Day of Trump Administration Corruption

How corrupt is the Trump Administration? To answer that, one could start by digging into a topic such as foreign emoluments or regulatory capture. Or one could just follow the news of the day. For example, let’s take the news of just yesterday, March 13, 2018 …