Seven Biggest Cheers at Bernie Sanders Rally in Cleveland (video clips)

On Monday night, a crowd of some 7000 packed into the Cleveland State University arena to see, hear and rally for Bernie Sanders, as he pursues the United States presidency. Sanders spoke for 80 minutes, laying out his platform, one issue after another, and the crowd, which appeared to be made up mostly of young adults, cheered throughout. I am glad to have been among that crowd, to hear Bernie Sanders clearly frame and put forth what I think are some very good policy proposals and ideas, to see so many people cheer those proposals and ideas, and, yes, even to #FeelTheBern. What follows, in the order that they occurred, are the video clips and transcripts of what I judged to be the seven loudest and longest cheers, and the Sanders lines that prompted them.

  1. Perpetual warfare.

    Yes, we need to create a world-wide coalition that will defeat ISIS, but, no, the United States of America must not be involved in perpetual warfare in the Middle East.

  2. Creating a political revolution.

    And what the American people also understand is that, at a time when Wall Street and corporate America and large campaign donors have so much power, people instinctively understand that no president, not Bernie Sanders, not anybody else, can alone solve the enormous problems that we face. So, what people know, and what this campaign is about, is not just electing a president — it is creating a political revolution.

  3. Jobs and education.

    So let me tell you what I think is the most common sense idea that is out there. And that is that instead of investing in jails and incarceration, maybe we should invest in jobs and education, for our kids.

  4. “Family values.”

    A word about “family values.” Now, you have heard many Republicans expressing deep, deep concern about families — especially very wealthy families that might contribute to their campaign — but they are very passionate about quote-unquote “family values.” And everybody here knows what they mean by “family values.” What they mean is that no woman in America should have the right to control her own body — I disagree!

  5. A criminal record.

    And when you got a police record, it makes life difficult. It makes it much harder to go out and get a job. It makes it harder to find housing, to get decent credit. And in some cases, people ended up in jail. So I find it very interesting, in terms of a broken criminal justice system, I find it interesting that hundreds of thousands of people have criminal records for possessing marijuana, but not one CEO on Wall Street has a criminal record.

  6. Tuition free.

    And when we talk about where we are as a nation, all of you know that we are living in a very competitive global economy. And in that context, it makes zero sense to me, that we have hundreds of thousands of bright and qualified young people, who want to go to college, who should be in college, but can’t go to college for one reason — and that is their families lack the income. [cheers] That is not what America should be about. And that is why I have introduced legislation, and will make happen as president, a process in which every public college and university in America is tuition free.

  7. Please join the political revolution.

    This is the country we can create when we come together, when we stand up and fight back, and when we create a government that works for all of us, and not just a handful of billionaires. [cheers] Please join the political revolution. Thank you all very much. [Music: Neil Young – Keep on rocking in the free world.]

Crowd of some 7000 cheers at Bernie Sanders Rally, Cleveland State University, 2015-11-06 (C-SPAN)


Loving Bernie, feeling the Bern …

thank you so much … sign my sign, thank you bernie, love you, we need you, keep up the fight … you’re a hero, you touch my heart … feel the bern … thank you bernie … here we go bernie, here we go, woof woof … can we get a picture bernie … we believe in you bernie … for the teachers, for the teachers … we love you bernie we love you … can i get a quick selfie with you … thank you bernie, we love you … thank you so much bernie …


some 7000 “At Rally, Sanders Goes Off Script and Into Foreign Policy” by Emily Schultheis, The National Journal; November 16, 2015

rally for Bernie Sanders “Senator Bernie Sanders Campaign Rally in Cleveland” – C-SPAN; November 16, 2015

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By Quinn Hungeski,, Copyright (CC BY-ND) 2015

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