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US Senate Greasing Skids for Next Bank Crash

After the severe bank crash of 2008, in order to guard against future such crashes, Congress passed the Dodd-Frank law, which enacted regulations that the Senate would now weaken. The CBO says the “Bank Lobbyist Act” raises the risk of a banking system crash.

Old Law Could Stop Corporate Dinosaurs

Haplocanthosaurus, where it belongs. Cleveland Museum of Natural History Since U.S. states abandoned their old laws that curb corporate power, many corporations have become dinosaurs — huge beasts that have outlived their time, but that keep on stomping through the…

Band-Aid Still Stuck on Big Bailout Banks

In September last year, the Bush regime left behind its old refrain that “the fundamentals of the economy are strong,” and went to Congress for a quick $700B to bail out collapsing banks stuck with toxic assets.x60x61 Then-Treasury Secretary Henry…