Almost Cut My Grass


Almost cut my grass.
It happened just the other day.
It’s getting kind of long.
I could’ve said it was in my way.

But I didn’t, and I wonder why …

Well, I did eventually cut my grass, but not till latter May. And it’s no wonder why — I’m slow to mow to start with, and the very rainy spring in the land south of Lake Erie this year often left the yard too soggy to mow.1 But the lack of mowing had a benefit — a nice showing of wildflowers, with honeybees working them. And it saved some time and gasoline. So, I imagine I’ll let that yard grow again next year — especially since I found some advice on meadow care that suits me: “Mow once a year in early spring before new growth begins.”2 That’s it. So that’s the plan.

Here are some pictures of the yard in bloom, 14 May 2011:

Golden Ragwort
Golden Ragwort

Wild Blue Phlox
Wild Blue Phlox

Ajuga, in Two Shades
Ajuga, in Two Shades


white flower
What is the white flower among the grass?


(1) ‘Temperature and Precipitation Maps March – May 2011′ – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – National Climatic Data Center
NOAA Precipitation Map

(2) ‘Lawn Alternatives’ – Organic Gardening Page 2: U.S. region-by-region advice

* * *

“By Quinn Hungeski”:,, Copyright Creative Commons License 2011

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