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Through Knowledge Peace

The 9-foot high statue is cast in bronze and standing on a 6-foot high pedestal. The front of the pedestal reads, “Through Knowledge Peace.” Standing on a globe is a young soldier who has thrown his gun under his feet. Holding high the book of knowledge he was reading, a dove flies out with an olive branch of peace. … (Ohio Outdoor Sculpture Inventory)

The Purpose of the United States

(Analysis.) Why should an American want to be a citizen of the great United States, instead of just a member of one’s own little tribe? What is the purpose of the United States? The preamble to the U.S. Constitution answers…

Kucinich: Go from Down to Up

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) gave a rousing speech at the Democratic National Convention Tuesday evening. He voiced a call for America on election day to vote her own best interests. Though solidly on the left, Kucinich stressed a different political…