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Basic Reason to Block Trump SCOTUS Pick: Justice

Republican senators shirked their Constitutional duty by denying, for nearly a year, even a hearing to Merrick Garland, President Obama’s pick for this Supreme Court seat. They should not now be rewarded by getting to seat their own Supreme Court judge — not Gorsuch, nor any other.

Democrats Should Win on Values, Jesus

'Sermon on the Mount' by Claude Lorain, 1656

(Analysis.) “All politics is moral,” writes cognitive scientist and author George Lakoff. For years he has counseled Democrats on winning hearts and minds from the dishonest, but effective, Fox News and Rush Limbaugh-style Republican propaganda. [S]tart with values, not policies…

Chance of a Lifetime — Vote Bernie!

(Analysis) An enduring factor in American elections is the “lesser of two evils” (also known as “the lesser of two weasels”) issue. On one side is the citizen that won’t vote because the lesser of two evils is still evil.…