Iraq Vet: “Republican Congress Must Be Fired”

“This Republican Congress must be fired because they are still putting their own egos above the truth – and above human lives,” wrote an Army Reservist in a letter to MoveOn members appealing for volunteers to call voters41x42.

On the morning of September 11th, 2001, I watched the attack on the World Trade Center with a special horror because the people killed were all civilians without training, arms, or defense. I called my unit that afternoon and begged, “Wherever this came from, send me there.”

But that’s not where they sent me. They sent me to Iraq.

Around a month into my tour, my small unit was ambushed by hundreds of insurgent fighters at a Coalition Provisional Authority base. The local security force (hired by corporate mercenaries) deserted immediately, taking guns and radios with them.

We were besieged for 22 straight hours under a steady stream of small arms fire and rocket propelled grenades. Forces from multiple nations attempted rescues throughout the night. At dawn, when morning prayers created a pause in the attack, we managed to escape with our lives.

I spent the next 11 months doing convoys, writing reports, and getting to know the real Iraq. I talked to hundreds of Iraqis; many became true friends. I saw the rage after Abu Ghraib. And I saw way too many innocent civilians die as the country slipped further and further over the edge.

The troops I served with suffered from limited ammunition, armor, resources, and staff. While we brushed our teeth in dirty water recycled from the showers, Halliburton reps got rich off contracts handed to them by their Republican friends back in Washington.

Reservists like me risk our lives when Congress says we must – and we need citizens like you to hold them accountable when they betray that trust.

This Tuesday is our very last chance to do that. It’s the last chance for Americans to stand up and say we will not forget, we will not excuse, and we will not let this betrayal happen again.


41 Letter from ‘Ginmar’ to members

42 Call for Change program

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By Quinn Hungeski – Posted at G.N.N. &

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[…] Iraq Vet: “Republican Congress Must Be Fired” […]

16 years ago

Luckily, the GOP was defeated. With any luck, the Democrats will get some cajones and investigate these crooks.

12 years ago

Should congress be fired?
Both demarcates and republicans. Say they want to help Americans, but blame each other and push through self-interest items, (piggy back items) with good bills making them impassable or worse. “you’re fired”. They gave the people healthcare that is so bad they refused it them self. ‘You’re fired” Hold the Americans hostage with threats of are government closing, to get their way. (Sounds like little spoiled kids that say if I can have it my way then I will take my ball and go home) “You’re fired” I can go on and on with examples but I won’t. Just ask yourself this question. (If I did my job like congress. would my boss fire me? I believe I would be fired. Last point I what to make is, we are the Boss. So I say to the American people. Tell Congress “YOU’RE FIRED”

Jerry Ewing Sr.