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Payback: A Model Bill for ALEC

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is a shadow legislature that has given us many lousy laws. Populated by corporate agents and Republican office-holders, ALEC passes "model bills," which its lawmaker members take to their statehouses and push into law. In 2011, news journals dragged ALEC

How to Vote in Ohio 2012

(Voter info below.) Before 2004, there was one way to vote in Ohio. You signed in on voting day, punched your ballot, saw it dropped into the ballot box, and walked away knowing you’d done your duty. Since then, a…

How to Vote in Ohio 2008

(Voter info below.) Some Ohio citizens may find it easier to vote this election thanks to recent rulings that blocked two Republican tries at vote suppression. In one case, Republicans challenged same day registration and voting, claiming that a newly-registered…