Stalin vs. the Dalai Lama

_Guest article by Julius Hungeski_

“Joseph Stalin”: said:

* Gratitude … is a sickness suffered by dogs[1].

* To choose one’s victims, to prepare one’s plan minutely, to slake an implacable vengeance, and then to go to bed … there is nothing sweeter in the world. – _Remark to colleague before signing almost 40,000 death warrants[2]._

* The Pope? How many divisions has he got? – _Said, May 13, 1935, to French Foreign Minister Pierre Laval, in reply to a suggestion that the Soviet Union should encourage Catholicism in order to propitiate the Pope[3]._

“The Dalai Lama”: says:

* The true test of honoring Buddha or God is the love one extends to fellow humans[4].

* If you succeed through violence at the expense of other’s rights and welfare, you have not solved the problem, but only created the seeds for another[5].

* Human problems will, of course, always remain. But the way to resolve them should be through dialogue and discussion[6].

* Ideals are the engine of progress[7].

* If anything I’ve said seems useful to you, I’m glad. If not, don’t worry. Just forget about it[4].

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