ICC – Situations and Cases


h3. Pending Situations

Three States Parties have referred situations to the Office of the Prosecutor:

29.01.2004 – The Republic of Uganda
19.04.2004 – The Democratic Republic of Congo
06.01.2005 – The Central African Republic

The United Nations Security Council has referred one situation to the Prosecutor :

31.03.2005 – The Darfur, Sudan

h3. Investigations

After rigorous analysis in accordance with the Rome Statute and the Rules of Procedure and Evidence, the Chief Prosecutor Mr. Luis Moreno-Ocampo has decided, so far, to open investigations into three situations:

23.06.2004 – The Democratic Republic of Congo
29.07.2004 – The Republic of Uganda
06.06.2005 – The Darfur, Sudan

h3. Upcoming Hearings

Week 50 (05.12.2005 – 09.12.2005)